The Insidious Vine
Paul Ogden

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'Belief is only limited by imagination' 

The Archetypes

Paul is a writer, musician, and composer with a keen interest in psychology and philosophy.  He is also a business and voice coach specialising in the way people interact with each other from day to day. He is a practitioner of Conscious Body Awareness - a form of 'mindfulness' - which forms the basis of his work with others and features within his writing. He is influenced by the 'Work' of G.I. Gurdjiefff and the 'Method' of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais.


The Insidious Vine

October 26th, 2019

The Insidious Vine is the first novel from the Insidious Trilogy. If you like your reading matter to be dystopian and to leave you with questions this is the book to do it.  The book explores perspectives of truth through the tales of ordinary people - like you and me. A wyrd tapestry of normality where one person is intrinsically linked with another to reveal an underlying fable of reality. Disturbing yet oddly humorous.

"The way this book holds up a mirror to my own life, sometimes quite painfully, makes for not just a good, but a truly extra-ordinary piece of literature. I have rarely come across something as beautiful and unsettling as this.'

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The Music/Audio Album

The Insidious Vine is also available as an audio album with a full musical score composed and performed by Paul. It is a unique concept, the music and narration merge as one - NOTE, it is not the usual style audio book. 

While the Covid-19 crisis is in town we have decided to make the whole album available as a stream from this website. Alternatively download the whole album from this website or follow one of the links below.

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“For what is truth but the point from which you choose to view the universe.”

The Archetypes



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